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Starting a new Trip

By Juan Manuel Allo Ron on Oct 28, 2014
Two people standing on a sign that says passion led us here

We are intellectual creatures, we discover, experience and learn. That is what make us so different from other creatures in this world.

Throughout our existence we learn, but we will never remember everything that we have read or even studied. This is why we collect, analyse and save that information for later.

We share, live in communities, social life is everything and is everywhere, even in the internet :P

We like to share the information that we know, that gives us status.

I am part of this amazing group of creatures called humans, and I am planning to use this blog to learn, analyse, collect and also share knowledge with others .

If you are interested in User Experience, front-end & mobile development, and new technology trends you are welcome to follow me on this trip.


Catch up with me on Twitter:@juan_allo



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