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Weekly Digest #5: 100 days of code

By Juan Manuel Allo Ron on Apr 19, 2020

100 days of code was started by Alexander Kallaway in 2016 but recently it has been gaining more momentum (we all know why). Practice is the only way to master any discipline so if you have been thinking about joining the challenge, I have compiled a list of project ideas to help you get started.

Wait, explain me more about this 100 days of code challenge

TL;DR: code at least 1 hour per day for 100 days. You can learn more about it from the original post or check out the official website.

Project inspiration:

There are some of the projects/challenges I have my eye on:

Make them look nice

Sometimes while working on projects it is hard to have a nice finished and polished UI. But we can always use bootstrap UI kits or even maybe go retro and leverage this Windows 95 UI kit.


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