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Debugging IE11 with VirtualBox

By Juan Manuel Allo Ron on May 12, 2020
VirtualBox UI screenshot

IE11 is still alive and a lot of us have to maintain support for it in our web apps. There are 2 things I never like about issues in IE:

  1. It is hard to setup an environment.
  2. The dev tools are not as friendly!

I don’t have a solution for item #2 but today I will share how I use VirtualBox to always have a setup available! It removes the friction and helps with my predisposition to fix this edge (no pun intended) cases.

Install VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a virtualizer that will let us run windows in any machine. You can learn more about it in their manual.

Depending on your OS you will need to follow different steps to install it, just go to Downloads and follow those steps.

Once installed, open virtual box and you should see an interface like this:

VirtualBox main Screen

Get Windows Images

Windows supports virtual machines (VMs) for different OS and Browser versions. Download them from the official Windows VM list.

To open the VM, unzip the package and open the .ovf file. This should open VirtualBox and show the installed VM.

Now click on the VM and a new window should boot Windows.

Windows VM

A couple of important notes:

  • The VM expires after 90 days, so you should save a Snapshot using VirtualBox to refresh it back to the original after expired.
  • The default password is: Passw0rd!

Run IE11 and have a blast :P

You are ready to run IE11 and debug your issues away.

Using a Bridge for local dev

If you are working on a local repository and have a server running on localhost you can access that from the VM!

In IE by using you will be accessing your host machine localhost address. NOTE: remember to add http:// for urls when typing to avoid going to our friend Bing!.

Website with IE11 bug 😛

If this does not work out of the box, you might need to add the mapping in Windows host file.

  1. Open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts with any editor.
  2. Add localhost

A common gotcha

When doing the local setup make sure that there are no references of localhost files in your html. If so, IE11 will try to fetch them from instead of resulting in a 404.

You might need to use a production build or manually change the URL to point to


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